welcome, welcome. Maya schneidman speaking, once again, on a different platform. For the ones of you who don’t  know me yet (which is probably the majority) (which is probably like, 5 people), thank you for coming in here. If you like style, if you are seeking for good fashion advise, or simply bored – thenWere about to have loads of fun. Prepare yourself!

And For the ones of you who DO know me from my old blog, MissDazzler, let me have this opportunity to  explain whatthefuck has happened.

Miss dazzler was my whole heart, I was super passionate about it, and it took a big chunk of my time. I LOVED IT, and I still do. The thing is this: I outgrew it. My style has evolved from a 13 year old girl to an 18 year old, I began to look and think  differently,  I matured, and the whole thing just didn’t seem right. It was like looking at my old facebook from 6th grade over and over again (and in my head thinking ‘what am I doing here???’) . Given the fact that I was no longer passionate about blogging and was also constantly studying for tests (I was still in school), I was simply neglecting the whole thing. I kept posting cool stuff on Instagram and social media, but completely Ignoring the blog, In which I posted only once a month or even less. Since I believe i the ‘All or nothing’ system, I decided to close my blog.

Fast forward two years later and here we are. I am about to graduate from high school and currently have enough time to start a blog again, this time the way I truly want it to be: mature, real, and stylish.






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