you guys have asked for this post since FOREVER, and now that its officially finished: here it is!

The process was LONG but its so worth it. If you are re-decorating your room or moving to a new one, the best tip I have for you is this- choose a concept, and stay with it till the very end. first thing you should definitely do when it comes to concept is to have a pinterest boars. I can say this is 100% essential. It helps you visualize your concept and stay as close as possible to it. The thing I love the most about pinterest and room decore, Is  that you can see the total look of your room: say you took a picture of a possible flooring, a picture of a bed you liked, and a picture of a certain shower, you can see it all together as a collage. This gives you a feel of how the room would look like and it gives you a head start on what should be changed. The second thing I loved about it is that you can pin links to decore you liked, so you never forget what you wanted to buy.

Choosing a concept is hard since there are so many you can choose from. My room is super small, even though it doesnt seem like it in pictures, so  I went with concept of pink, gray, white, marble and . Light colors are great for a small room!to finish, I decorated with rose gold accessories (the cherry on top of the cake..).

The room: 





neon eye– urban outfitters. / letter square– floralis.  / marbled throw-on– urban outfitters. / rug– zara home



square photo hanger- floralis. / plant– floralis. / art– bought at freshpaint art affair 2016.


M sign- small shop in hong kong. / table- this one is actually from three different places. the bottom part is a laundry basket standing upside-down from fine lab . the top is a trey I got from a small store in Tel Aviv. the candle on top is from . / small basket – laline cosmetics.


the bathroom: 

I went with an all-black concept for this one. all of the towels, accessories and faucets are black.  6176645488_img_82846176645488_img_83126176645488_img_8313


rose gold frame– forever21. / rose gold jewlery box– zara home. / candle+ scent diffuser– talis.

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