Before I go to sleep, or usually In the winter when its cold outside and Im by the fire place, I like to read poetry from poetry books I find online. I take pictures of the ones that touch me the most and post on my Instagram stories. To be honest, I didn’t think at first that these would get so much attention, but I got a lot of requests  – so I thought I should just share some of them here. Although each book is quite different from the other In terms of shape,  the best ones  are not measured by the way they are written alone. The ones you connect with the most, are the ones you love the most, so it is very individual. Do not capture me by the word, the ones below are my personal current favorites! some of you might like them, some of you might less. Also, How strongly I feel about a poem changes according to my mood: I could read one that’ll cringe my heart, and a month later I could read the same one and It wouldn’t have the same effect. (keep that in mind). But thats another reason why I recommend re-reading them every once in a while. Your perspective changes within time and that can change the whole book. Its basically like, reading a new book every time. Your thoughts and emotional stability gives meaning to the words, and not the opposite.

let me know what you think of these! and If you have any other poetry books I should read I would love to know them!

  1. LOVE HER WILD by Atticus





2. Pillow thoughts / Courtney Peppernell





3. Milk and honey / Rupi Kaur 





4. The Sun and her Flowers / Rupi Kaur




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