My tiny, timeless Chloe bag I insisted on buying not too long ago – has managed to cross oceans and visit many airports with me.



Since it’s about to hang out in the air with me a whole lot more in the next few months, I decided to share with you all the flight essentials I have inside. In other words : a very very REAL ‘what’s in my bag’ reveal is coming up your way. Enjoy!


As you can see, it’s quite selective- the lack of space made me put only the  important things. You wouldn’t want to skip on anything!

1. Dior concealer . It’s my favorite one and also good for flights since it has moisturizer inside. (your skin gets dry)

2. Better than sex mini mascara. It’s good, it’s tiny, I like it!

3. Eyebrow pencils by benefit cosmetics. this one is my favorite brow pencil because it’s super precise and has a brush. I just take it everywhere.

4. Kylie cosmetics highlighter. Just because I love to add glow right when I go off the plane. (and kylie’s products, are, hum, amazing).

5. Benefit cosmetics bronzer. (The big PLUS is the brush that’s already inside. Saves place!)

1. A ton of hair bands . This is funny because you can actually be fine with just 1 or 2 but I get an actual anxiety if I don’t have at least 5. I have no idea why, I guess the thought of not having any hair bands makes me LOSE IT.

2. hair brush. It doesn’t really matter which one- this one I got from my hotel in Ibiza. My hair gets wacky when I’m travelling so its a must for me to have one.

3. Tampon. just because who knows whats gonna happen. (I told you this is going to be a very REAL post!)

4. eye drops. My eyes are very problematic with dryness on a daily basis, and when I’m on flights it gets unbearable. I  don’t leave the house without eye-drops. If you’re like me then I really recommend these, they are very clean and natural. you can buy them at any pharmacy.

5. neurexan. these are homeopathic pills that calm you down. Its not sleeping pills, but when I had sleeping disorders my mom’s friend told her to buy these for me. I use them ever since! it basically calms you down- or whatever- so even if you don’t have sleeping disorders and you’re just afraid of flights, this one is great. (I used to take it during exams season).

6. joe malone mini perfume. MY FAVORITE PERFUME. I have a big bottle at home so when I travel I like to take this mini one. (the cent is called bergamond & oud).

1. Charger. No explanation needed , I guess.

2. Headphones. You can buy amazing huge top quality headphones but NOTHING compared to the normal, tiny apple ones you get with your iPhone.

3. JBL clip portable speaker. This may sound unnecessary- but I can’t even count the amount of times I used it when I travelled. In the cab on the way to the airport, in a public bathroom with my friends , and in many other stupid occasions: it’s such a great mood booster!! I really like this one because again, it’s small, and you can simply attach it to your bag. Amazing.

Another thing I always take with me is my gorgeous illestiva sunglasses (I take them everywhere).

And the last thing I’d like to show you is my wallet, which many of you have asked about. I loveeeee it so much!! It’s from louboutin. The outside is spiky and the inside is leather in classic louboutin red.

hope yopu like it! let me know what you think in the comments below:) I read them all.

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