Some girls have a weakness for bags. Some have a weakness for shoes. Some for jewelry . It’s very nice and understandable to have these kinds of weaknesses, but my weakness for DENIM JEANS is a whole other level.

I wear jeans almost everyday all day and when I see a nice pair I just can’t help myself . My collection is quite impressive by now, but since I don’t want to waist your time , here is my top 4!

1. High waist ripped jeans from re-done.

2. High waisted jeans from re-done (without rips!) . Its a bit higher than the first one and it’s always good to have a pair that’s more neat , without the rips(for a less casual look).

3. White flare jeans from rag & bone. (These go great with heels and make your bottom look even greater).

4. Black boyfriend jeans from re done

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You clearly like redone! 😉

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