Editing pictures for Instagram or any other social account can be difficult, when its actually very simple. Watch and learn how I do it and if you listen carefully to my tips, your life will get easier.

TIP #1 : LIGHTING. You’ve probably heard that already, lighting is key when it comes to taking nice pictures. Take your photos in the daytime, try to stay out of strong sunlight and make sure youre not in the opposite direction of the sun. Pictures that are taken In bad lighting or during the night look worse, and people will like them less.

TIP #2 : to achieve a nice grid/ nice layout of your photos, the number one rule you must not break is to stick to only one effect (maximum 2). This is something that I learned in a photography class I took back in 6th grade that sticked with me till now. The reason for this is that using one effect makes your photos look connected to one another, even if they don’t actually look the same. When each photo has a different effect, then each one has an overall different colour- which makes your account look dirty and messy.

I am using VSCO editing app for almost 100% of my Instagram posts. My favorite effects are E8 and E7.ย 


both of the effects are quite similar, both quite natural.

TIP #3: this tip belongs to those of you who are searching for a professional camera. Find a camera that can connect to your phone, that you can download the photos from your camera directly to your mobile. THIS SAVES SHITLOADS OF TIME. I use canon 70d, that connects with this app:


Another type of photos you might be seeing on my Instagram are the ones I took with a single use camera. Its a very big trend right now, andย  I am very glad that it is. Single use camera or film cameras make the coolest photos with a naturally vintage effect. Its everything! I found a store called interphoto in tel aviv (allenby 22, tel aviv). They develop the film and send it strait to your email so you dont have to worry about the non-digital part of film cameras.


TIP #4: BLUR. Did you ever take a nice pictures and thought “shit, my nipple is showing”? or maybe “shit, this picture is perfect, but this pimple is ruining it”. well. not anymore! In cases like this I use a blurring app that saves my life. I use this one:


The last and LATEST photo editing app I use is unfold. I mainly use it to edit my Instagram stories, but also for my blog. Its about the effects and more about collage & arrangements. Start using it, you’ll love it!


pictures I edited with unfold:


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