Hi there!!

It’s currently 6 am and I’m up from 4:30. That is because I’m in New York , and the jet lag is fuckkking killing me! But lucky you- its given me time to make some cool posts.

I remember the first time I’ve been here. I was 11 and was super excited about the trip. When we arrived, I was so jet lagged I couldn’t keep my eyes open, but my mom insisted that I will stay up. She took me to Times Square.

I still cannot describe the feeling I felt. I’ve never before been to such a huge city, everything was new. I remember I dragged my feet from the tiredness, looking at them the whole time- until my mom said ‘maya look up!’ . The moment I looked up I saw the huge billboards and the overwhelming feeling I had was incredible. I don’t remember much of ny but THIS FEELING, I cannot forget.

7 years later and I’m back again. Not for a week, not for a month, but for 2 months. I thought I owe you an explanation: the next two years I’m about to spend as a military soldier. For the ones of you who worried – I AM GOING FOR SURE. While I still have time till this happens, i decided (a year ago!!) that during September & October 2018 I will live somewhere else, other that Tel Aviv. And when I make decisions, it’s clear to everyone, that they’re going to happen. My first and obvious choice was New York. So here I am!

My plan is basically to just explore the city. Meet new people, learn how to live in my own place for a bit, go out, write amazing posts, attend ny fashion week , workout and study fashion.

I promise I will give you plentyyyyy of recommendations but for now here are some outfit inspirations from day 1. Enjoy!

Dress- realization par. Bag- coach.

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