so recently I posted a very casual insta story, in which I shared with you some of the beauty products I use. These were not just normal beauty products, they were beauty products that I find life changing!  (really, it wasnt even advertised!). To my surprise I got SO MANY views on those videos, & so many questions,  I decided to list them all up in this one post – so that you can look back anytime. Sorry if the pictures are not gr888888 but you’ll have to excuse me  this one time because I didn’t  plan to put this on the blog- just casually did so !

If you’d like to see more of these posts let me know! (you can DM, comment, call me, whatever. always always always open to suggestions !!)

  1. MUJI Eyelash Curler.                                                                                                         Whats great about it? this curler is everything. to see how genius it is, you sould put it side by side to a normal curler and immediately see how much more compatible, small. & comfortable to use. this one a game changer!!                                 links: . Laura Mercier has the same one. img_6792img_6793
  2. LUCAS PAPAW OINTMENT .                                                                                              Whats great about it?   ok ok ok. this product is so crazy. if I had to be on a lost island and had to bring 1 thing only- I’d bring this. On my insta post I said i use it for my lips but truth is that its basically good for everything. from chapped lips to bruises, scratches to burns, EVEN PIMPLES, this is pure magic!!! I swear it fixes EVERYTHING ! NO JOKE.                                                                                                   links:
  3. STILLA BEAUTY GLITTER LIQUID EYESHADOWS                                                                Whats great about it? This may not sound like an obvious game changer for all of you, but for the people who love a bold eye and especially glitter eyes- man, this is pure greatness. Its so creamy and easy to use, plus there are shitloads of beautiful colors. I must warn you that ITS ADDICTIVE (I already got soooo many its ridiculous).                                                                                                                         Links:
  4. DIOR CONCEALER                                                                                                                  Whats great about it? IT HAS A  MOISTURISER STICK INSIDE. and it lasts forever. Links:
  5. TOO FACED LIP INJECTION                                                                                                     Whats great about it?  this is a freakin lip gloss that pumps your lips. you heard that right- it makes you lips slightly bigger! I tried it as a joke. I bet my mom it wouldn’t work- but it did. (!!!)                                                                                             Links:
  6. KIEHLS FACIAL CLEANSER                                                                                                       Whats great about it?  the texture. . its like touching slime or something. I cant explain this, you’ll just have to put it on your face find out                                                  Links:


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