summer holiday season is here – or to be precise – Swim Season is officially here. Which, ultimately means, that its time to bring your bikini wardrobe up a level!

As a HUGE fan of everything that involves beachwear, I’ve noticed that every year the selection gets bigger and bigger- which is great! but- it gets so confusing. Huge style selections, Huge price selection; Small brands, big brands; The choices are so wide, that you just can’t choose which one to go with.

So to make that a bit more CLEAR, I’ve chose the ones that I liked best: From Brands to specific Items. My recommendations are based on things that I own & brands that I personally researched on, so consider me a reliable sourse 😉

1. Ośeree

Ośeree is an Italian Swimwear brand, that just screams: let’s fucking party. But in the most elegant, cool, and chic way possible. They’re so sparkly, which is perfect when you’re out in the sun! If you’re looking for a really special one, this might be a good fit.

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2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is kinda like your one, true, loyal friend. Stays with you forever. Suits you perfectly. Buy it one season – find yourself wearing it 5 years later. While it may cost you extra $$, (even though bikini prices are higher now, so its kinda evening out-) its definitely, definitely worth it.

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3. Tularosa

A small independant brand that sells only at revolve. Seen a bunch trustable girls on my insta wearing their bikinis, and I liked their design. yay!

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4. Frankies Bikinis

Trendy, not too much – but not too little, Cool cuts, Solid colors.

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5. Billabong

When I was younger, I used to be Obsessed with Billabong Kids. This is definitely an old, almost nostalgic one for me. Somehow, while competition arises and bikini brands come & go, this one is here to stay. (which is good! because Billabong Cool surfer vibe is an all time favorite).

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6. Solid & Stripped

Full body Stripped bikini was a huge hit last summer, with Solid & striped leading the game. This year the trend will probably continue, while they bring some new designs 🙂

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7. Beach Riot

Obsessed with prints? Beach riot SS19 is all about that. It’s freakn cool.

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8. Lovewave

A revolve brand that serves classic cuts, small twists, and cool solid fabrics. Its fabulous!

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9. Agua Bendita

cause its fucking gorgeous.

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More Brands you should probably know about:

Sommer Swim


Lahana Swim

Bamba Swim

TJ Swim

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