Welcome to my official guide to film.

as you may have seen on my instagram, and generaly everywhere online now: film has become huge.

Looking from the side, it looks fucking confusing, but truth is: its actually very simple. yeah, it gets crazy if you want to shoot a super proffetional, manual camera- but for the sole purpose of getting cool pictures for insta, you don’t need much. I have been using tons of cameras, tested tons of options, and I’ve come up with a short guide to get you started.

Step 1: Buying the Camera

ok. so.

When I started, I just clicked on amazon and bought a bunch of these single use yellow cameras:

you can buy them here: https://amzn.to/2xIuHkB, Or at urban outfitters: https://rstyle.me/+3gOQ9mNNnL7XkhDPj46R1A .

Pros – they are super easy to use, no need to switch films (comes ready as it is) and you can bring them anywhere without being afraid of ruining it.

Cones – you can use it one time only, quality isn’t amaaaazing (but good enough!!), not eco friendly, expensive (in the long run).

Basically, if you just kind of want to start shooting without thinking too much, I would totally recommend buying these first.

Another option is buying a similar camera thats multi-use. Like this one (I was using it for a while):

Pros – Probably the cheapest option (in the long run). The camera itself costs around 20$, plus film 3$-4$. Quality is kind of the same as the previous ones, and if you’ll keep it well it’ll last for long. (I didnt keep mine well…).

Copns – it can be a pain in the A sometimes to switch those films, since you have to doit manually. Click Here for a YOUTUBE video of how to switch film. Other than that, its pretty good.

Last but not least- the camera that im currently using.

after going through a bunch of options, I’m currently using panasonic super mini c-625af. and I AM OBSESSED.

Pros – small camera, fits into any bag. Great quality, they even used Leica lenses (!!). Auto focus, if that means anything to you. and lastly- automatic film replacment. the full package!

Cons- not a lot of them are out there, especially not new ones. It’s a bit more expensive (for the long run, its STILL less expensive than the single use).

You can get them second hand at Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Panasonic-Super-Mini-C-625af-35mm-Compact-Camera/2256191342

If you are Israeli or visiting Tel Aviv soon- I got mine at Interphoto, Allenby 22.

Similar cameras that are just as great (truly, theres no big difference, same concept):

Step 2: Buying the Film

there are a bunch of film options. For the cameras that im using/reccomending, you need to buy 35mm film (the most common ones, before you buy just make sure its the right size). If you talk to the proffetionals they will probably explain it better, but basically there are ISO 400 and ISO 200 Films, witch are the basic ones (400 is a bit better). I don’t really know what it means, so I wont further explain this (to save myself embarrassments).

you can buy it on amazon, or at urban outfitters. (their Film department has literally everything you need!!).

Step 3: Developing

to get the film developed, you need to take the camera to a photo shop that has a dark room. Otherwise, they would either not do it or send it somewhere that has one and it’ll take months. In the photo shop, they will develope your film and then either scan your photo & send it to you via email, or- you can have it printed out. YOU DONT HAVE TO PRINT IT IN ORDER TO RECIEVE THE PICTURES. (I’ve been hearing this question a lot). All you have to do is ask them to scan it, and thats it. EASY!

I work with the guys at Interphoto (Allenby 22) , but there are a bunch of other places around Tel Aviv. If you’re in New York, I developed once at Photobar (114 E 28th St) and it was good. Anywhere else- you’ll have to find out yourself and tell me!

If you have any questions, I will be answering comments below 🙂


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