I knew Capri & Positano were two of the best summer destinations: Instagram showed it, friends told me about it, and of course- Kylie Jenner celebrated her 22nd birthday there. but MANNNNNN, IT WAS soo GOOOOOOD.

I came back just a little over a week ago (tan is still visible), and I’m still in Awe with the whole trip. The food, people, shopping, beach, just all together. The only thing that was missing was a partner: literally 90% of the people we’re on their honeymoon. Its so romantic!

After 5 days of INTENSE bucket list cross off’s: I have a bunch of great recommendations for you guys. Start planning you next trip!!


La Fontelina


Da Paulino – Lemon Tree restaurant. The whole scene of this restaurant will amaze you, and the food is <3 . Went there for shabbat family dinner on our first night. Order antipasti, lemon pasta and zuccini shrimp Pasta

Gelato at “Gelate” – amazing ice cream, they make the waffle on the spot. (located in the heart of the town – you’ll see a line & you’ll know.)

La Fontelina – most gorgeous beach club and restaurant, Reserve ahead !

Da Paulino
Antipasti at Da Paulino


Fiore Boutiques – 3 different stores (same ownership). One is a hat only boutique – (they bring borsalino, eric javis, kokin, ect. If these brands don’t – I still recommend to go & see!. Other two include clothes and handmade leather sandals – I got a white one and a black one, wearing them all the time.

My Style Bags – simple & chic Italian-made bags. Print your initials on the spot!

Grey Flannel Boutique – reaaaaly nice selection of clothes. Got a super special green bag (as seen on insta) and a coat.

Home Decor Shops – If you walk around, besides famous ceramic shops, there are also a few home decor boutiques worth looking at. Especially table-wear!

Designer Shops – Prada, Gucci, Dior, Missoni, Hermes and ext. Most of them bring limited edition Capri pieces – like my Dior bracelets.

Handmade especially for you – Fiore
Special Edition Dior “capri” Bracelets


Beach day at La Fontelina – as I mentiond for Lunch, this is the best beach club ever. Make sure to make reservations! tip: come with your best outfit

Beach Club next to La Fontelina – Da Luigi ai Faraglion

Walks – walk down & back up (sports!) to the beach. It’s Dreamy!

The Capri Signature Rocks – we went with our small boat, reaaaly cool

J.K hotel for sunset & drinks – best view and best Peach bellini. The home decor in that place is next level, prepare for serious house inspiration.

Going Out – Anaema e Core

La Fontelina Beach Club
Workout – walk to the beach & back to town
J.K. Hotel
Peach Bellini – J.K
Before Entering the Cave


even though I hadn’t stayed in a hotel (we were on a boat), Here’s a list of nice hotels (recommended by people I trust!): J.K Place Capri, Caesar Augustus, Capri Tiberio, Quisisana, Punta Tragara.



San Pietro – see the hotel & go for Sunset then Dinner. Most amazing view

La Sponda – restaurant at Le Sirenue Hotel, go for dinner or lunch

Lo Scoglio – best best best for lunch.

Other Places (I stayed for short!): Da Adolfo, La Terra , La Tagliata).

La Sponda
Lo Scoglio
Lo Scoglio


Temptation Positano (macrame) – amazing macrame brand made in a small shop in positano & sold worldwide! We knew the brand from before (boutiques in Tel Aviv, Net-A-Porter, Shopbop), Was really cool to see where it came from and also got new pieces!

Temptation Boutique – Same name as the other place (probably same owners) but this is another small boutique nearby, cool beachwear pieces from different brands.

Macrame & Leather Shoe Stores – these small shops are all around & I always find nice pieces!

the Temptation Boutique
Temptation Macrame
Go to the room in the back – See how they make it!


Le Sirenue Hotel – If you’re not staying there I recommend going for drinks! (two bars)

Hike – Paths of God Hike

Generally walk around!

Ravello – If you have time to drive around – we went to Ravello town for the Day – was beautiful ! must see “Villa Chimbrone”.

Colourful Umbrella Beach Clubs – Amalfi coast signature.

La Sirenue
Vila Chimbrone – Ravello


as I said, we were on a boat, but here are some recommended hotels -Le Sirenuse, San Pietro, Buca di Bacco, Poseidon, Villa Franca

Let me know what you think in the comments! going to make more of these for other places, would love to hear your opinion 🙂

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