Coronavirus has got us all under lockdown, which might suspend any wokouts you used to have. But it is still a great time to invest in your fitness – especially with summer around the corner – and having so much time on your hands. This can be done easily at home using just Youtube, which is currently my favorite way to do so. (and its free)

I would recommend doing one of the workouts listed below each day. They are short, no equipment workouts that are great during this time. If you can do more – thats even better!

Full Body Workout

Full Body Workout #2

If you feel like changing things up

ABS and BOOTY Workout

or any video by MadFit. check her out!

Power Yoga


Cardio Latin Dance Workout

Dance Cardio & Sculpting Workout

Finish off with this 15 Minutes Stretch and Cool Down Routine

every workout has an afterworkout…

Hope you enjoyed this!

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