When it comes to skincare, I am not more than the average person: I am not an expert. I don’t actually know what are the best ingredients, what they mean or what do they actually do. But even though I might not be a dermatologist – I am pretty good at spotting legit products. I am CONSTANTLY testing new ones, checking their effects, and searching for new brands and beauty trends.

I used to not care at all about these things, but I found out that a good, short skincare routine is KEY. I mean it – if you minimise your routine to 3-5 of the best products, you will stay consistent with it and your face will look amazing (within no-time).

So – here are my top 5 skincare products:

1. Dr. Barbra Strum Facial Cleanser

Dr. Barbra Strum skincare products are by far one of the best in the market. They are mostly expensive, which is the downside, but this cleanser is somehow at a good price and does magic.

Use every day, but if your skin is dry – every other day

2. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator

Dermalogica is a one of the beauty brands I trust the most when it comes to skincare. Used by many dermatologists, their products are super professional and you can see the results. But this product changed specifically changed my whole face. It comes as a powder that gets activated once you mix it with a bit of water, unlike other exfoliators. You must try it, your face will be smoother than ever.

Use 3 times a week (every other day)

3. Caudalie Moisturising Sorbet

I like to change my moisturiser every so often, but this one is a one that stays. Its super light, smells great, and does miracles to the skin. The only minus is that the container is pretty small, so if you use it frequently, it end fast. Other than that – its great.

Use everyday!

4. Caudalie Moisturising Mask

I am not a huge face mask lover – I get tired from the waiting, then draining you face with water situation (patience is not my good side..). But this one cuts all of that and you can just put it on before you go to sleep and leave it as it is. Amazing. Plus, its a great face mask if you have dry skin or if you just need a boost.

Apply once/twice a week

5. Lucas Papaw Lip Moisturizer

MMMMMM if you’ve been following me for a while YOU KNOW this by now. This is, by far, the best lip moisturiser out there. Heres a link on where to buy it:

Apply all the time

6. Bioderma Makeup Remover

Just a really good, oil free makeup remover (with a good price!!)

Hope you liked this!

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