Today I wore a pair of Jeans after about two weeks of ditching them for comfy lounge wear. I gotta say: I kinda regret doing so. Staying home means being C-O-M-F-R-T-A-B-L-E. and to stay that way, I am not letting go of my Pajamas. At least not so quickly!

I feel like this is some kind of a fashion challenge: staying in style when nobody is watching. Nobody can really tell if youre organized, well dressed, or pretty when youre staying home. So you may be asking – why bother? Well, for the simple reason: it makes u feel good. It gives you a little bit of sense of control in this whole chaos. And to archive THAT and COMFORT the solution is quite magnificent – stylish pyjamas.

I have collected my favorite one so far that I found online (going to get some of them reallllll soon). Get into it, choose the ones you love! and for the full experience – I added some very useful slippers to match. *FYI- many brands offer Sales during this time. Happy Quarantining


Pyjamas VIP


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