I’ve been obsessed with Tie Dye since forever. It’s so easy and fun to make, and also simply just looks very, very cool. Last week I took the last bits of white clothing I had in my closet and for the first time, I tried to tie dye my Nike socks: It turned out amazing. I got A LOT of dm’s and comments over this tie dye session, so I decided to do a full Guide here! Lets start. Your Quarantine is about to get better:

1. Making the pattern: this is the part when you determine how your clothing item will look like. It’s where you squish/twist/fold the item before you dye it. There are soooo many different ways to do so – For T.shirts, I like to twist. For socks, I like to fold (like an accordion). If you want to find more techniques, I recommend checking out Pinterest!

2. Tie: to keep everything in place, tie the clothes firmly.

3. Make the colors: Put the powder in the bottles (for each bottle I use about 2 spoons). Pour in hot water & mix – like making coffee. Usually I put in a small amount of hot water and then mix it with cold, so that the bottles wont melt.

4. Dye: Spread the colors all over, making sure they’re not touching each other (it can mix them up). If you’re using only one color – I recommend just soaking the whole thing!

5. Dry : Let it sit in the sun for about 24 hours. It will still not be completely dry, so after you open the ties let dry even more. (Don’t put it in the dryer!)

6. Open the Ties: this is the best part. Just open the ties, and try to keep the bands safe for the next use. Like I said, It might still be wet inside so let it dry more.

7. Wear!!

IMPORTANT NOTE : when you first wash, do not put it in the washing mechine! the dye can come off. Wash by hand!

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