It’s been a long time since the subject of fashion sustainability and the industry’s environmental cost has been sitting in my mind. While the Fashion industry has a great positive impact, it also has a very negative one – being the second most polluting industry in the world. I took it upon myself to learn and educate myself on this side of fashion, as much as I could, out of a feeling of a big responsibility. Fashion has always been a big passion of mine – maybe even more than a passion – and I feel like its MY PERSONAL responsibility to show the uglier side of it, revealing the whole truth. As a person who shapes people’s opinions, style and fashion choices however big or small the audience might be, its also up to me to make people more informed, make style a more sustainable one and bring this subject to the everyday discussions.

While many bloggers might find this subject threatening, as they make a living from promoting product consumption, I firmly believe this should not actually be a threat: its a change that needs to be made, and the quicker the entire industry follows that change the more benefits everyone will gain, including influencers. Ignoring it or just simply not talking about it will only hurt in the long run.

My personal goal is to make sustainability a more talked about subject on my blog and social media platform. As a starter, I see it crucial to get you and everyone reading this to be more informed. This is not a complicated subject; if you know how to use an app like instagram you should know how to learn sustainability. Later, my goal is to get myself and my readers more engaged in sustainable fashion: Brands you should wear, materials you should look for, what to buy and what not to buy. MY BIGGER GOAL is to make it as natural as possible, not to shove it in your faces and try to force it – I want it to be as real as possible, show you how to consume correctly and with style. I already have some ideas on my mind, and I think covid-19 will only accelerate customer behaviour regarding fashion – sustainability in particular. As my views will get more profound, we will dig deeper into it. Its going to be interesting!

This first article will give you the basic information on the impact fashion has on the environment, and an introduction to sustainable fashion. In addition, I made lists of movies, youtube videos, articles, podcasts and books for you to have access to more information.

Damage by the Fashion Industry: Some Basic Facts

The fashion industry is super polluting. It uses water in huge amounts; for fabric dying and treatment. Factories and the production of clothes produces 10% of the CO2 in the world alone. Cotton production and other materials use a large amounts of pesticides, which end up in water and soil, which influences animals and human lives. Growing, making, and transporting garments needs significant amounts of fossil fuels. Fashion has accelerated in the past decade in ways no one predicted, leading to an over consumption, that ends up as a huge trash machine – with 150 billion pieces of clothes being thrown every year.

Sustainability: there is something you can do

Being sustainable can be hard – if you’re trying to always wear new. The more you buy, the more pollution you make, and the more the fashion industry will stay as it is. But wearing new doesn’t mean being more in style; its almost the other way around. Style is more about being able to mix and match from the things you have, making the items iconic to you. If you constantly buy new clothes its like they dont belong to your style anymore. No, you shouldn’t give up buying new things entirely – style is also combining the old with the new. Think about it: theres nothing like wearing an old pair of jeans with a new T. New clothes are fun and its unrealistic to not buy anything at all, especially if you’re a fashion lover. Its just about buying less, and buying right. Get the things you absolutely love – and slowly you will see that your closet is becoming more special and accurate to your style.

I am not an angel at all. Sustainability didn’t come up to my mind until a few months ago. But my views have changed, truth is – I’m even feeling a little guilty for some of the things I bought. My hope is to teach myself to get more sustainable, as time goes by, for the sake of the environment and the sake of style. I will try to reduce the amount of things I buy, and even decline big amounts of free clothes I get from certain brands. I want to support more sustainable brands as well, and buy more vintage. If ill see an item that I like that is not sustainable – I won’t make myself not buy it, but I will only get it if I 100% want it badly and for a long time. I also hope you guys do it with me – below are tips for getting sustainable.

In addition to changing your consuming habits, its important to look at which fabrics you wear. Most sustainable brands use sustainable fabrics, so they are a free zone, but if you’re shopping in other places, you can look for those fabrics too. Sustainable fabrics include: Organic cotton (doesn’t consume pesticides), hemp, cork, linen, organic wool, natural silk, and bamboo. How do you know which fabric is used? just pick up the ticket on your clothing items to see. The fabric materials are listed – brands are obligated to do this (like food).

Educate yourself, get interested

To conclude, I made a list for you guys of podcasts, articles, youtube videos and movies you can watch if you want to further learn about sustainability.

  1. Movies to watch: The True Cost (2015), Riverblue (2016), Minimalism (2016)
  2. Podcasts: I didn’t hear them all, but I’m going through this list of sustainable fashion podcasts
  3. Articles: ,,,
  4. Youtube videos:

Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what you think.



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