Hi. On my previous post, I shared my personal battle with anxiety, which exceeded my expectations and I got so many messages. So first of all, thank you! I never thought that it would get so much attention. I have to say that my main goal wasn’t to attract attention of any kind, but to simply share my story and see if anyone can relate – and give others who are feeling the same things a sense of relief. Sounds a bit corny, but it really is true, and I hope that goal was somewhat achieved.

I thought It would be right to share some of the anxiety tips I (unwantedly) gathered along the way, so it might help you as well; I am still having anxiety, but its much better now, so there you go:

1.Give yourself time. One of the things that made me suffer even more was when I pushed myself to get over it, and to do it as fast as I could. My scedule is insale; our schedules: waking up early and dealing with a million tasks each day, whatever they may be. Thats why I do understand that pressure to ‘just get over it’ – its way harder to do all these things when you’re not well. You want to get back on your feet not only to actually feel better; but to also get back on track. Huge mistake – if you really want to get back on track you have to recharge. You need this time. So what is giving yourself time exactly? I didn’t really understand what it meant until I had anxiety, then I realised – it was just simply doing whatever you want. Watching TV, an inspirational movie, reading a book, sitting at the beach for hours, walking around. Cooking. If you need a day off of work, or anything else you’re onto – take it.

2. Therapy. Therapy is important. I was very skeptical about it, I really thought it was a little bit bullshit and had nothing to do with anxiety, but it has EVERYTHING to do with it. As I said on my anxiety story post, my brain just got into a rollercoaster, it was filled with racing thoughts and emotions I didn’t let go of nor share. Therapy gives you somekind of a safe space to say things that are on your mind, to let them out so you dont have a system overload inside you. It also puts your concerns in proportion, and this is probably my favorite part: Actually saying them just organises your thoughts, gives them proportions, and eventually they don’t look as bad as they were inside your head. Try saying your thoughts out loud to yourself or to a friend and you’ll realise what Im talking about.

3. Workout! working out really helps me in times when I feel anxious. There’s a scientific explanation to it that I cant explain myself but its true. (google it!). I personally prefer a 30/20 minutes workout, such as running or cross. The 1 hour crazy workouts dont work well for me – pushing myself too hard only makes it worse (my point is – it should be a fun, light workout, so it doesn’t become just another ‘task’).

4. Music. What a huge impact music has on me when I am anxious! Hearing music just zones you out of it sometimes. Listen to a playlist of music that inspires you and calms you down. My tip is to actually make the playlist on your own, and just really put together only the music that lifts you. It doesnt mean setting up message music – mine is combined with Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys – just music that you love. Its very individual, and thats how it works best.

5. Take stress relief supplements. It helped me! they are homeopathic, natural, with no prescription. See it as taking an advil for your mind (only much less strong). It wouldn’t make the anxiety fade away, but it does make you a little bit more relaxed.

6. Keep a distance from alcohol and coffee for a short while. Caffeine and alcohol boost anxiety, so its important to stay away from them when you feel like you’re in a stressful period of time.

7. Try Meditating. Honestly, this is something new I’ve been trying recently, and I kinda love it. (funny story – I watched Shawn Mendes meditating on one of his live videos so I started meditating too). But seriously, it only takes about 10-15 minutes of your day and really centers you. I use an app called “calm”, and I’m currently doing a 30 day introduction to meditation called “How to Meditate” – it’s really good.

8. Understand that some days are good and some days are bad: don’t push yourself to feel great. This is probably the greatest tip I can give you and I wish I realized it before. I remember I once took a day off hoping it’ll make me feel better, and it just didn’t. Another time, I rested for an entire weekend – and the anxiety was still there. That’s when I felt like something was wrong with me, that I was doing everything I was supposed to do but I saw zero improvement. When this happens, you can go into this loop which causes more uneasiness. My new system is to just realise that some days are good, and some days aren’t, and that fine. Realising that that feeling is not forever and that not everyday is supposed to be great gives me a great relief.

Let me know how you feel about all of this. This subject is very close to me as I experience all kinds of anxiety. Feel free to ask me questions ! (DM me on Instagram, I always answer, or comment below).

xx maya

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If you suffer from anxiety attacks and disorders, then there are many ways of controlling your feeling. Most anxiety attacks are triggered by a certain thing. In some cases, all it takes is overcoming or conquering that feeling. When you know your triggers then you know how to stop getting an attack. You can either avoid it or confront it head on.

Exercise can also stop anxiety attacks and helps with severe anxiety symptoms. It can be a good and healthy distraction from the overwhelming feeling. Plus exercise releases endorphins for the body helping the person get calm. Relaxation techniques such as meditation are also highly recommended. Meditation helps the mind focus on other things. It helps with breathing and improves concentration. Other forms of treatment include massages, aromatherapy, progressive muscle relaxation, hypnosis and biofeedback.

Depending on your physician’s orders and severity of symptoms some people with anxiety issues will need medication, therapy or a combination of both. The important thing to remember when you are suffering from severe anxiety symptoms is that there is help out there. Living in fear and constant worry is not something one has to contend with for the rest of his life. Anxiety is a treatable disorder that can be managed by using one or several techniques.

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