If you’re looking for a basic list of jewellery that goes with everything; and if you’re in the hunt for the daily, timeless bling; this article is just for you.

Simple gold hoops

This is the basics of the basics! Really recommend having a pair. These can fit for a daily outfit or for going out.

Stud hoops

If you want to add a bit of twist to the simple hoops, these will do the trick.


As long as im not in the army, I love stacking up on little studded earrings. Here are a selection of ones that caught my eye:

and since mine are with real diamonds, I found similar (identical) fine ones on The Last Line: (Im wearing rose gold)

Gold chain necklace

Stack them up if you want !

Tennis Necklace & Bracelet

Its definitely on my shopping list! You’ll probably see me wearing it soon so im giving you a heads up

Gold chain bracelets

Classic gold, thick, statement ring

This is a huge trend – were going to see a lot of these in the next few weeks

Thin Stud Rings

Youve probably seen me wearing ones on my thumb! I dont ever take them off.

and if you want the same but from real diamonds:

(Check out my rings in the photo below)

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50 shades of beige

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