On one of my previous posts I explained my views on sustainability in the Fashion Industry (you can read it here). On that post, I promised to turn more into a sustainable direction within my blog and social media platforms – and I intend to keep that promise. I really believe in sustainable fashion and see an important need for change in the way all of us, including myself, consume clothes. People consume way more clothes than they did just a few years ago, and the numbers are skyrocketing; clothes are being thrown away after a single wear, our closets are filled with items we dont actually love, brands are struggling to keep up with the pace – all while the supply chain is inefficient and environmentally harmful.

The way I see it, being sustainable is not only helping the environment – it is also crucial for the sake of style. Changing your clothes every day, wearing things once, giving up into all of the trends – it gets the life out of your personal style. Having style means sticking up to the things you really love, and slowly creating a personal touch. If you consume less, you support the core of what style truly is.

But just like everyone, you do need to find a balance. I am realistic: After all, I am still a fashion blogger, and like probably everyone else in the world I do like to buy new. I think that buying new makes you feel good, it gives you a freedom to elaborate your personal style and it gives you a creative space. You just have to be conscious about it: get items you only truly, madly in love with and see yourself wearing over and over again. In addition – and this is the point of this article – buy items from sustainable fashion brands.

So today, I gathered here a list of my favorite sustainable fashion Brands, ones that I would normally buy, that I think are amazingly fashionable. I hope that slowly, as time goes by, more brands will make that shift and the list will grow.



Probably my favorite one. I loved their clothes ever since I visited their store in NY!

2. Whimsy and Row

Minimal, cool; you should definitely check out this brand.

3. Mara Hoffman

Been a big fan of her items (especially her swimsuits) for a long time, even before the sustainability change!

4. Ganni

I loveeeee ganni. Such cool styles, in a relatively good price. Ganni has recently taken a step toward sustainability, but they’re not presenting themselves as a completely sustainable brand, which I surprisingly love. They’re not trying to be something they’re not just for that sustainable marketing tag. When you buy Ganni, some items are environmentally friendly and some are not, you just have to look for it. Overall – they’re making a great progress.

5. Patagonia

Probably the most sustainable one of them all, Patagonia isn’t necessarily the most fashionable – but it is so vintage & cool. Wearing their Patagonia t shirt and a pair of jeans – thats pretty cool. (sold on their website or at reformation!)

6. Theory

Just like ganni, Theory is an old time favorite, now stepping into sustainability. Look for the ‘good collection’, or the 100% silk.

7. Musier

French, paris based musier has super cool and trendy clothes.

8. Bite

A minimal bloggers favorite!

9. Vitamin A

A longgg time swimwear favorite. If you want a high quality, within good price, that stays with you FOREVER bikini – vitamin a makes perfect ones


9. Brother vellies

Based in Brooklyn, brother vellies makes cool, one of a kind shoes – a mix between boho chic and glam

10. veja

I mean.. My favorite sneakers ever! You’ve probably noticed people wearing them by now, including Megan Markle.

11. AllBirds

The ultimate sustainable sneakers!

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