(Top glasses – vintage from paris, Middle – ferni, Bottom – Louise Roe)

As you all been kinda seeing on my Instagram posts, I became an expert for cocktails. It only makes sense, that along with the love for the booze, the love for the schmooze will come with it, and by schmooze I mean cool barwear & cocktail glasses glasses.

Most of my glasswear collection is from thrift shops around the world, but some of them are from regular stores. As I look to expand this collection, but obviously cant really travel to collect them, I found just as seriously stylish and boojee ones online. Here are some of them:


Rose Gold Shaker

Pineapple Shaker

This is just so freakin cool

Classic Glass Shaker

With tools to match



Pink With Golden Rim

80’s Vibe

Look at that bottom !!

Great Gatsby Vibes

This one is classic – with a twist

Classy Stripes

Art Deco!

Blue Ombre

Other Accessories:

Diamond Ice

Imagine having THIS in your drink..

Round Ice

Hand Tools

Can’t get any cooler than this

Glass Straws

Because we DO NOT use regular straws.. and this one is also nicer

Glass holder – for the shower

It’s pretty self explanatory why you need this.

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