Each year one of my favorite things to do is to find prom dresses for the newly graduates. Being one myself just two years ago, I know what is feels like to want to look the best on that day – Its just simply so much fun. However, Im aware that many of you are not sure whether prom is cancelled or not, but let me give you just one advise: don’t skip it entirely. Even if prom will get cancelled, make your own prom – get ready with your girlfriends (and guy friends) and just throw a small party for yourself. Graduating, and any other occasion in life, is worth celebrating. To be honest, the prom itself for me wasn’t the night of my dreams or anything like that. you’re not missing out on anything too special. But the one thing that was actually fun and memorable was the process of prom itself; finding a dress, doing hair & makeup, taking memorable pictures, and obviously – graduating. It all made me really excited and it made me realise that this huge milestone had been accomplished. So all in all, you should celebrate, and maybe if you do a homemade prom you will actually have more fun! Get yourself a dress and get ready. I’m excited for you xx

The first dress is one that I would probably order if I had prom this year. (It is incredible – and its on sale!) .I would say itโ€™s quite extremeeee so I dont expect everyone to want to wear it, but if you feel like going for it, do it! I matched it with glitter/silver shoes and it goes superrrr well with a tennis necklace.

this. Jumpsuit. I bought it last month and Im loving it!! looks amazing on the body; its classy, edgy, comfortable. I also found similar ones from the same brand in more colors if you donโ€™t want to wear black!

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This one is a takeoff on the normal silk dress – its flowy, a bit boho chic, and cool.

take tie dye to the next level

red strapless dress, nude shoes, minimal earrings ๐Ÿ™‚

Im obsessedddd with these two dresses. Theyre so classy, simple, and chic!!!

This lilac purple dress…. so feminine ! styled with butterfly earrings (which I personally am going to purchase soon) and white strapy sandals

This ronny kobo dress is a trendsetter. super cooool for prom. Plus, these golden shoes

For a cool minimal look – these earth colored linen dresses are simple and sexy. Wear them with the black shoes I added (the ones with the chain attached) or just a normal black shoe and get an anklet seperatly. Style!

This dress is on my wishlist for a whileeee now. The open back is so sexy, yet the front is simple and elegant. For a crazy touch, add a statment heel (like the one I added) or a simple, clean nude one.

If youre looking for a mini dress… omfg. this one. is a dream. (with pink shoes.. IDK why but it feels so cool together)

Absolotely loveee everything about this dress. Its sophisticated, the color is on point, and feminine.

If youre just a fan of the Little Black Dress. This one is ON POINT (if you add these shoes too… whaaaa)

A dress I personally own and LOVE:

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The cutouts on this one reveal just the right spots. If you want a special one but donโ€™t want to go crazy with colors – its perfect. Style with hoop earrings!

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