Linen. It is the perfect fabric to wear in a hot summer day or just rest your head on a coated pillow. Linen has been an all time favorite at my house – on our annual trip to Greece, we would spare time just to go to this small local shop to buy linen button down shirts for the entire family. Recently, this love of mine came back. I find myself more often that I should sneaking into my dads closet to steal his linen shirts, in many different colors. once I took one, I slowly began to sneak more and more and eventually had to get my own.

What made me love linen even more is when I found out that it is a sustainable fabric. In my efforts to change the way I consume clothes to a more sustainable way, which you can read about here, linen became the ultimate choice. I found more and more sustainable brands that sell it, and it became an easy choice because you can find linen everywhere. Moreover, even years after buying those shirts in greece, I still wear the same ones. It stayed pretty much the same, which stands out how strong and sustainable linen is.

So why is Linen sustainable? here is a short explanation.

It all starts with flax. While cotton fabrics are made from proceeded cotton, linen is made of flax plants.

First, flax has almost zero waste. It is used in many ways, and nothing is left behind. For example – linseed oil, which is made of flax is used for wood preservation. Flaxseed oil is rich with omega 3 and can be combined into food supplements.

Flax’s water consumption is remarkably lower than cotton. To demonstrate, a linen shirt uses 6.4 litres of water compared with 2,700 liters for cotton. Extensive water usage, especially in poor countries, can be crucial to the local population.

Another benefit of flax is its low usage of pesticides. Pesticides are used in most fabric crops in unbelievable amounts, especially in cotton. Pesticides are made from various of dangerous chemicals that stays in the ground for years and spread into the nearby waters. These waters are fundamental for life in the nearing environment, so when its poised, hundreds of animals are at risk. What special about Linen is that it can grow in rough soils and use almost no pesticides.

Here are some of my favorite clothing made from linen:

Linen Button Down Shirts

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99% percent of this outfit is borrowed from men

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Linen Sets – Squares

from my current obsession, holidy the lable

Linen sets – flowy vibe

these are sets i found on net a porter – i just love them! You can also just wear the top alone as a button down (with literally anything).

Linen Dress – Reformation

my love… reformation. they made this amazing strapless dress in three colors and its amazing. I wore it for my first date with my boyfriend! (unfortunatly they dont sell that exact dress in polka dots anymore, but they have a very similar one! swipe to see)

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Additional Linen Finds

this amazing set :

This skirt (can be worn with everything):

lastly, this dress:

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Sustainable dresses first.

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