I try to avoid talking too much about Covid, but there is a valid reason why I will be doing it right now. The global pandemic changed many aspects of the fashion industry and caused a strong shift in the way we dress everyday. Some might call this a trend, but I like to call it: adaptation to reality. Spending all this time indoors has led me into a new era of loungewear and tracksuit. You may have seen a lot of those around, but today we would like to show you our favorite ones (and explain why).

Let’s start with a brand that is highly appreciated not only for its beautiful & playful identity but also for being responsible and committed to making better environmental choices. Devoted to minimize their social and environmental impact, they carry an amazing product offering from fashionable boots to heavy winter coat and cute summer dresses. What’s not to like?


Comes in second, NINETY PRECENT.

Ninety Percent is a London-based sustainable womenswear brand that gives 90% of it’s profits to charity. What I LOVE about them is the fact that they have taken a different approach, a slower one. I would describe their collection laid back, basic yet luxurious, that will elevate your everyday style.


I’ve seen this brand all over Instagram worn by my absolute favorite bloggers like Leonie Hanna, Emilie Sindlev, and more. What I love about this brand, other than being colorful, is the fact that it promotes an active lifestyle. They produce a functional collection of on and off-court styles for an active lifestyle with the aim to inspire individual stories of motion.


Livincool was a photographer that created his own brand using “word of mouth” and gifted celebrities with his products. Great marketing strategy – everyone wanted to wear livincool but had no idea where to get it, which made him desirable and almost unreachable! Today Livincool is selling all around the world and I have the feeling you’ll like what they have to offer:

I have to admit my severe tracksuit addiction. I LOVE the concept of the matching set, always have. But to be completely honest, I don’t think you need more than 2/3 really high-quality tracksuits in your closet. Personally, I have so many because being comfortable makes me feel better about myself – so you’ll find me in sweats and hoodies 24/7.

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