One of my biggest talents is menswear… I dress the men around me all the time. Gifting them has become a profession, and by now I am more and more into clothing of the other gender. If you’re a man reading this who wants to improve your style, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a women who wants to spoil your BF a little, I got you covered. Either way, mens fashion is a great place to get some inspiration.

Aime Leon Dore

New York based Aime Leon Dore is a brand which I just love. The cool colors, combined with even cooler fits (hoodies, sweats) is what every man wants to wear. I first heard about this brand when I was in NY and my friend took me to their SOHO store – a nicely furnished, sided with a cool coffee station, which made me love it even more. Were come there just because to buy their lighters ( which they dont sell anymore, im PISSED), but at least I found one of my favorite menswear brands.

Saturdays NYC

another NYC based brand – with signature colors, bold prints, 70’s vibes. Their pieces defenitly stand out.


This brand is not only beautiful, but is also a smart and meaningful. A Palestinian & Israeli collaboration, this brand is a bridge between two nations, style and politics. The handmade embroidery, combined with a good balance of colors and high quality materials, will definitely stay in your closet for years. I am a big fan (and wear their unisex clothes aswell)

North face

Hiking fashion is A THING and Im all for it (well further discuss this later on). Northface is leading this trend, with good branding, comfortable clothes, and one collaboration with Gucci.


This unique brand is everything you want! (and I personally want). What a great vintage-y, groovy, Californian style. The price point is quite high – but if you get your hands on them while in sale, go ahead.

Sandro Men

Last comes Sandro Men – with more modern, classic styles, in high quality materials. Im a big fan of their clothes (I wear sandro women all the time). Parisian chic, here we go.

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