In a series I call #noneofthisishappening , every Friday (or at least.. every Friday I feel like it) I put on my best outfit to Shabbat dinner. This time, and recently, I’ve been loving more chic and less showy outfits. What this means is that I leave my short skirts and tiny tops aside to bring just as sexy outfits, with more fabric. I love revealing outfits, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about putting more clothes on that is attractive. I also find it very suitable for winter – after all, it isn’t very realistic to wear shorts in the cold.

I went for a cool sweater I got from Self-Portrait, a London based clothing brand I’ve been loving for a while. Companied by a silk long skirt from Theory (+silk is a sustainable fabric!), with minimal colors. I would suggest putting a lipstick with color (next time I’ll wear this outfit it’s what I’m going to do!).

Outfit Details:

I wore these two (link below) together with Mango shoes I bought two years ago (unavailable). I added an additional items if the current ones are not available, or if you’re looking for a lower price.

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