Happy Monday! Today I am going to predict a trend that I have a feeling is going to rule your 2021 accessory list. It may seem random, but I truly believe the next one is going to work – Pearl Necklaces.

Ive seen a few celebrities wear them, such as ASAP Rocky, Harry Style, and Jaden Smith. Yes, I understand that sometimes its easier for celebs to pull off a more feminine trend, but I truly believe its a cool one for all. Wear it with a flannel shirt, a cool hoodie or a suit, and you’ll be the coolest man at the party. Just be confident!

The classic Pearls – Round, clean pearl necklaces.

The abstract Pearls – Uneven sizes, but cool and interesting vibe

The colorful necklce – to add a pop of color (I really like those!)

Casual Wear, as seen on Harry Styles

With a suit – Jaden Smith

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