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While conducting my little 2021 trends research I came across this phenomenon of chunky gems and colorful jewelry. Yes, I know, there are seemingly endless amounts of jewelry stores on Instagram, and the large offering could be very confusing. So, I have picked some of my favorite ones to share with you today. This little article is more “trend-focused” rather than brands focused. Meaning, it’s meant to provide you with some inspiration so that you could choose for yourself whether you like them or not.

Here it goes!

La Manso


La Manso Is a young jewelry brand based in Barcelona, Spain. Their mantra is “Slide us on your fingers and stop counting the carats of your rings because plastic is fantastic”. Creating striking, chunky rings with gold studs is its expertise. “If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it” AM I RIGHT?

Roxanne Assoulin

The kind of Jewelry that makes people smile

So Roxanne Assoulin may be a young designer but she is very experienced working with big brands like Marc Jacobs and Oscar De La Renta. I always find myself jealous of people who got to work for such big names, envying their knowledge.

She also offers a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit which is unique and special! we have been seeing this trend of personalization across bags, passport cases, jewelry extras.. But a “make it yourself” kit from worshiped designer is completely new. To me at least 🙂


If you’re into the bling

Made in Miami, these Gems Fly all around the world. I love them because their playful, and I am a firm believer that 2021 should be about FUN. You can have a sneak peak theough their website or simplu scroll down, ive adeed a few pieced I like.

Maison Irem

If you’re looking for a classic with a twist

One of my favorite ever activities is to browse online and find new and exciting pieces. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, or even home wear! I came across this brand the other day and it was just so good. I call it, thumb-stopping content. These pearly pieces made me stop the scrolling! Here, see for yourself:

8 Other Reasons

What a cool name for a brand!

8 Other Reasons, perfect for your everyday wear but also for special occasions! The brand is based in LA and they sell some of the cutest pieces I’ve seen so far. Ok I know I say that a lot but what can I do – there’s a lot of cuteness out there!

8 Other Reasons has been around for a few years now, but it is only recently that we are seeing celebrities obsessing over the brand. I personally like to take inspiration from fashion icons like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid so when I spotted some pieces on them, I had to dig deeper.

Sometimes we tend to forget just how much jewelry can upgrade and add up to our outfits. I personally love playing around and matching different pieces to different looks. I have my everyday gems, my evening pieces, and the ones I save for special events. So whether you’re into silver, gold, clean or chunky, I assure you that one of my top 5 has what it takes to complete your look.

Comment below what’s your favourite jewellery brand! & Thanks again for reading.

Amitca xx

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