February usually marks my favorite time of the year, because I love dressing up in winter. I think it’s linked to the fact that I enjoy the mix & match – there’s more room to play with colors, textures, and silhouettes. Winter fashion calls for none other than – cardigans.

If the humble cardigan wasn’t a must-have last year, chances are it is now. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the knitted cover-ups, and it seems like fashion finally loves what I’ve been loving my whole life.  I have divided the cardigans into four different categories that we have been seen all over lately. The faux fur cardigan, the embroidered cardigan, the knitted cardigan, and the cropped one! Could not pick a favorite, how about you?

The Faux Fur Cardigan

lined with faux fur… this this one calls foe a cool twist.

The Embroidery Cardigan

This one makes boring – cool again. Small hearts, clouds, flowers, you name it – embroidery is fun.


The “go-to” Cardigan

Minimalist color lovers, this ones for you. Cardigans are a good way to keep it chic. With earthy colors, like beige or brown, this one is great for a more clean look.


The Colorful cardigan

a solid color cardi can add a lot to you outfit.


The Cropped Cardigan

show some belly! this is a way to show some skin but still keep it warm.


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