Don’t let you know who kill your groove girl!

P.S. in this instance voldemort is the unknown virus, that definitely overstayed its welcome

Invite Your Friends Over For Brunch

For someone who isn’t necessarily a pro at cooking / hosting: Don’t worry. We get it, the part where you need to actually make the food always stresses you the f out. Since this article is about solutions to a global “timeout”, we’ll make it nice and easy for you to be game on, socialise and look fly.

If you haven’t yet heard, you heard it here first: Big Dip Energy is a thing. They’re great alongside veggies, a salad and good bread. If you want it to look aesthetically pleasing, just make a few colourful dips! Don’t forget mimosas – with freshly squeezed orange juice, only and iced matcha lattes for the sober 1s.

You’ll wanna wear something laid back that also makes you look put together; like you just prepared a little snack and it was easyyy. That means: Change after you cooked, lol.

Brunch Look 1:

Brunch look 2:

Have A Pic Nic

Less is more on a pic nic day. Bring any type of berries, cheese, a baguette, a bottle of white or champagne. It’s a fun activity to do with friends or on a date, because it feels a little adventurous.

In terms of what you’ll be wearing to be pic nic-ing in style: Make sure you have some type of french basket or straw bag. Your outfit has to be easy to sit in (we don’t want you to suffer in your hottest high waisted no stretch jeans here), slightly bohemian and feminine. Most importantly, do not forget your favourite shades.

Pic-Nic look 1: Classy but cool

Pick-Nick look 2: Red Set

Movie Night In

These days feel longer, somewhat exhausting and you’re not in an upbeat mood to host and cook. How about a movie night? It’s chilled to host and everyone LOVES to be invited to something like that.

If you’re inviting the girls, watch Sex and the City and remember who tf you are. And if you’re just dating someone, make sure the movie’s not sob-material, cause tearing up makes things awkward (:

What you’ll need: A couple of fun snacks. Popcorn, obviously. A bowl of Haribo gummi bears and bowl of Kinder Schokobons for the soul. Booze; red vino or beer.

What you’ll wear has been your outfit of the day for a year now.. Go figure lol.

Movie Outfit 1:

Movie Outfit 2:

Movie Outfit 3:

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