Hello readers. Let’s take a look down and talk about socks!

We live in a very detail-oriented time, especially if you’re into fashion.  The variety of accessories you can make to an outfit today are pretty massive. I personally feel like at times when I try to stand out or add a pop of uniqueness to my look, ill always go for SOCKS.

Here’s a sneak peak into my cute and crazy sock collection:

Socks are becoming more popular in recent years and I think we sometimes underestimate them. If you think about it,  socks are a great way to grab attention. As I wrote this article, I understood what’s so appealing about socks as a fashion statement. It’s their versatility and simplicity.  Isn’t that fascinating?

Unlike other luxury accessories, the pricing of socks is usually affordable. They can be a great gift idea! (for valentines maybe?) and you can never have enough socks in your drawer.

As for materials, most socks are made from a mix of a bunch of materials. Those that include elastane are likely to be a better, more comfortable fit. Wool socks tend to be more expensive than cotton ones because they are more breathable.

Everyday Socks: cute & easy

Branded socks

socks have become a more affordable way for fashion fans to conspicuously buy into their favorite designer labels.

Before we say good-bye, here’s a question: did you ever wonder where does all your lost socks go?

Well, it seems that washing machines are capable of allowing a sock to exit the drum and get trapped in areas not normally visible or accessible to the user. Meaning, your washing machine has (potentially) “eaten” your lost socks! Here’s a tip: place them into a breathable bag when you launder.


Amitca xx

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