When we purchase a new item, we often think about how this new piece will fit with what is already hanging in our wardrobe, right? I once read of this sustainable approach that consumers carry: buying more central items that will work around most of your closet, and have a wide styling potential.
On another note, did you notice that check print is popping up everywhere? I’m talking about a very specific check pattern; there are only two colors, like a racing flag, a chessboard, or your classic pair of Vans slip on’s. I find that there’s something so satisfying about the contrasting colors – there are many cool ways to wear check prints. If you feel the same way, and would like to add a bit of this check magic into your wardrobe, you’re at the right place at the right time.
I gathered up a few items featuring the pattern to make your shopping journey easier and better.
From streetwear to luxury, sneakers, and accessories – the check seems to be everywhere.


Shoes & Bags, Accessories. If you find the check print too much to wear, you can always play with it through cute accessories.


The easiest way is to style a look with a single patterned piece, but! If you’re feeling more brave, pair two differently-checked pieces with one another. A great way to do it is to keep an easy palette like pastels, or nudes.

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