Last week we examined a print of checks- from clothing items to brands around the world. In a series called playful prints, we will explore today the most colorful print of all, the trend of tie-dye. But is Tie Dye still a thing in 2021?

Trend forecasters say its popularity is a throwback to our childhoods—a source of comfort in tough times. They also claim that the tie-dye sensation will stick around in 2021. If you’ve known me before then you know I’m biased – the Tie-Dye trend isn’t going anywhere.

The colorful trend has been popular for a while but has now filtered up to the major designers, who are re-imagining tie-dyed fabric in their latest collections. Some fashion magazines are relieved the experts have taken over from the amateurs. I think it’s fascinating to see how Tie-Dye has been beautifully translated into the runway. Balenciaga, Valentino, JW Anderson, Isabel Marant, Acne Studio, Dior, and many more.

In 2020, with the rise of tracksuits, we have been seeing the print being associated with comfort. Worn mostly indoors, often in co-ords. The massive interest in “tie-dye loungewear” is up by 5000% since last year. The number of searches began to spike in March, around the time when the world has entered quarantine and we all had to get used to this new life, at home. 

So, why is Tie Dye still a thing in 2021 you ask? the reason is that – let’s face it, nothing has really changed since March 2020. We all still want to feel comfortable, easygoing, and happy. I am a great believer that what we wear has an impact on how we feel. So when I wear colorful and fun prints, I feel more fun and more colorful! For this season, I’ve picked the cutest Tie Dye pieces I could find for you.

Tie Dye Loungewear

Tie Dye Clothing – Get out of your comfort zone!

Now that we’ve established that this print is here to stay, my advice to you is to examine it and try to make it your own, in a more elevated way than what we used to wear. Can we wear Tie Dye in a silky dress rather than a tracksuit? Or a big coat rather than a t-shirt?


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