Sometimes, all you need is a top to make a cool impression. Really! I found these cool few tops that you can match with bottom, from jeans to sweats, to skirts and shorts, anything you have in your closet.

A good statement top is a good buy – I always try to look out for unique pieces that would stay in my closet for years. Buying a ‘temporary’ trend will just fade out the minute its untrendy, but buying a top that you actually think is cool, will stay cool forever.

Ganni zebra print top

This top is not from the new collection, yet I bought it in sale just now. It shows you what timeless truly means – if its still cool when its in sale, its cool forever.

Printed Asos Top

Similar to my gang top, but at a better pricing point: this asos top is worth buying.

Sparkling button down shirts

Designed by Oseree (my favorite swimwear brand), these tops are just as cool as the bikinis.

Shirt & Bra Set

we’ve seen a bunch of shirt+bra set in the knitted form, but this edition is more spring suited. I love it!!!

Statment Cut

This Revolve shirt is a typical statement cut. The colors aren’t bold, but the off shoulder make the difference.

Zimmerman Hawaiian Shirt

What. A fabulous. Shirt.

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