As a kid, I was always extremely passionate about dressing up: I used to be the one who goes to kindergarten wearing heart shaped sunglasses, a glitter bag and a matching lunchbox. I used to know brands names and dress up my entire family, making sure my moms dress matches her nail polish and my dads cufflinks matched his watch. So, during the summer between 7th to 8th grade, I decided I should probably do something with this passion.

On September 2013, I opened up my fashion blog. At first, it was called “missdazzler”. (Dazzler, due to my and pretty much every girls eternal love for everything that blings). Many things happened around that time – Instagram opened, giving me more space to share my ideas. Influencers became increasingly popular, like Chiara Ferragni and Tavi Gevinson, who inspired me in many ways. I was just becoming a teenager, which made me love fashion more than ever. The blogging world in Tel Aviv wasn’t a familiar concept at all – which worked out for the best – as I was one of the first people to enter it.

My marketing strategy, at first, was to ask all of my friends to share my blog in their WhatsApp group chats. This way, more and more people heard of the blog, and I saw my views slowly grow. Within two weeks of opening – I was already getting traffic from over 100 countries around the world. The more views I got, the more passionate I became. I would think of ideas non stop, I would spent my afternoons planning and drawing and making mood boards. I constantly thought of the next opportunity, Constantly thought of the next idea, days and nights. This mixture of passion, drive, and just really having a good time opened up countless of doors for me – I got to meet incredible people from the Israeli industry, the media, collaborated with Israeli and worldwide brands, went to Milan, New York and of course Tel Aviv fashion week, I had my own column, improved my English, lectured at IDC university, and just had an amazing experience.

My blog “missdazzler” has been renewed and evolved since I first opened it. Mostly in the way it looks, but now, I felt like I needed a bigger change. I am not the same person I was when I was 13 – i changed and evolved both in my style and personal life. So to be in line with all of these changes I thought it’s time to renew my blog one more time – to make a more mature, chic, and responsible version of it. That version is where we are tight now – I am extremely excited to work on “Schneidman”. It’s about dressing instyle, like it has always been, but now it’s also about living instyle. Here, I will talk about the next trends but also where to shop sustainable ones. Together we will talk about subjects that go beyond fashion – like success and mental health, time management, cocktails, and everything in between. “Schneidman” is the life I’m currently living: a more balanced, honest, but still dazzling lifestyle.

I hope you will love this community as much as I do, with love, XX Maya